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Our Story
You may be thinking "Hey aren't Charisse and Corey already married?". We are, and have been married for 60 years! We are wanting to renew our vows in front of our close friends and family because we still love each other as much as we did on our wedding day.

We met back when we were 16 and attended schools that were directly across from each other. When school ended Corey would rush outside just to see if he could catch a glimpse of Charisse before she walked home (at this point Charisse didn't even know Corey existed!). One day Corey built up the courage to finally have a conversation with Charisse so waited outside school that day. Ten minutes, then half an hour, then two hours went by and still no sign of Charisse. He did it again for the next few days and again no sign of her. A month went by and Corey had given up hope.

As he was in the main town square one night he saw a face that looked all too familiar in the distance - it was Charisse! He had spent the month perfectly planning out what to say and this was his chance. He went up to her and said "you are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen and I'm the luckiest girl to have witnessed it". He realised he had said it all completely wrong (that month of practising didn't pay off the way he thought it would. haha). She thought it was hilarious but also very sweet. The rest is history!
Our special day is about sharing the love we have for each other with our closest family and friends. We already have everything we need and more. We are asking our guests if they would like to get us something - to donate to Diabetes Australia, a charity very close to our heart.
Thankyou! We can't wait to celebrate with you!
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